Covid-19 Intervention

COVID-19 kit for Under-served Communities in Nigeria

Almost from the onset of the health emergency, the W.H.O had warned of the risk that COVID-19 could spread to countries with weaker health systems, including in sub-Saharan Africa which Nigeria is the Chief Country. The COVID-19 has had its fair share around the world but at Natal Cares, we were particularly concerned on how this virus might affect pregnant women and nursing mothers especially in Under-served Communities in Nigeria. These people live in unhygienic environment where their access to healthcare and healthcare information is already compromised.

In order to avoid exposure and lessen transmission of COVID-19 in these vulnerable communities, we have developed a Natal Cares COVID-19 PREVENTION-KIT: Carefully furnished by our team of healthcare professionals containing sterile supplies that pregnant women and nursing mothers especially in under-served communities need in-order to stay safe from the Corona Virus. Our Covid-19 Prevention Kit typically contains (Hand Sanitizer, Face Masks, Hand Gloves, Handkerchief, Antiseptic Soap, Tissue Paper, Disinfectant and Hand Towel).

Providing information

We also harness Mobile-Technology to deliver valuable and certified information about the symptoms of the Corona-Virus and safety precautions using SMS and VOICE NOTES. This has so far helped to Counter misinformation and convey accurate and trusted messages to our beneficiaries.